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December 23rd, 2017
3 Things That Impacts the How Urgent Care Charges People Urgent care is used as alternative in the event that doctors are so preoccupied with other patients or you are planning to see them but they are not available on such schedule. In this type of clinic, it helps in bridging the gap between the hospital's emergency room and the clinic of your doctor. There are incidents that you may need to be attended in urgent care if you can't see your doctor and these include but not limited to severe sore throat, slip and fall, cough that's gotten worse, a cut that's bleeding excessively but doesn't require stitches and so forth. Simply put, anything medical condition that is not life threatening can be brought to urgent care. Some who don't have a family doctor are going to such clinic for doing their routine physicals for insurance, work or school. By going in this kind of clinic is actually more affordable than going to the emergency room but a bit higher compared to going to your doctor. Using urgent care is recommended as well if you do not have the chance of seeing your doctor. This is the same reason why people are calling this as ambulatory car or immediate care. There are several factors that do affect how these facilities are charging patients and these include the following: Number 1. Location of the facility - if for instance that the clinic is not located on the same place as the hospital and/or doctor's clinic, then it is the real estate market in some parts of the city that'll dictate how much the rental cost has to be settled monthly. For this reason, the urgent care may have to increase their charges to meet with the rental. Number 2. Contracts that the clinic has with the staff - this means that there are urgent care facilities that you'll find which depend on their on-staff physicians to attend patients while some largely depend on their nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Say that it is a doctor, then expect them to ask for bigger salary. In case that they also have registered nurses, the salary is higher in comparison to certified medical assistants. Number 3. The equipment used by the urgent care facility - clinics that make use of the latest medical devices and equipment are more likely to charge patients with higher service fee than others that still uses old systems. After all, they have not just invested in the equipment and devices, they also take care of the regular maintenance to ensure that the systems provide accurate results. Options - My Most Valuable Tips Resources Tips for The Average Joe

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